5 Challenges of Motherhood and How to Navigate Through Them



It’s no secret that mothers face a unique set of problems as they adjust to their new responsibility of motherhood. With complications you prepared for and the ones that you never saw coming, it’s crucial that you understand not only the problems of motherhood but also the ways to cope with those issues.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know exactly what to do the next time you or someone you love needs helo coping with the newfound challenges of motherhood.

1. A Lack of Life Balance

The reality is that having kids will completely change the dynamic of your life – even in ways you didn’t expect. One area you might especially struggle with is finding a new life balance. Neglecting this can quickly result in the dreaded mom burnout.

Between organizing and caring for all things kid, it’s easy to neglect yourself. To combat this, it’s vital that you save time for yourself, even if a fraction of what you had to begin with. Use nap times for more than just picking up – take ten of those minutes to shower and put on new clothes or sit and enjoy a nourishing cup of coffee within that time too.

If necessary, rely on friends and family to help carve out even the smallest amount of time for you to run to the store in order to feel human again. There is no shame in prioritizing yourself in addition to your bundle or bundles of joy!

2. Maintaining Your Relationship

Whatever your love life looked like prior to the baby, it’s only natural that you’d want to get back to where things were after having a baby. The only problem with that is that a baby reduces the time and energy span to dedicate to your partner.

This is when having additional help can come in handy, but if that’s not an option, working within your scope is possible. Utilizing downtime to be with one another is crucial as it can help you to feel a sense of normalcy even with a child in the mix.

As your children get older, it will be easier to be away from them and make time for the things you need, but don’t hold off until that way off point to make yourself happy.

3. Socializing

Many moms complain about the fact that their social life has been reduced for their children. Talking about children’s shows and snacks can be okay for a certain amount of time, but an adult only has so much to give to their little ones.

It’s crucial that you make socializing – yes, with other adults – a priority even when it ceems impossible. Whether it be a mommy and me class or choosing an outing that offers babysitting as a benefit, it’s important to find the option that works best for you.

Best of all, there are plenty of options out there to work with your interest rather than having to adapt to some mold you might envision. For example, canna-moms are a thing!

There is no need to choose between who you are and who you need to be as a mom. You can be yourself and be a mom or canna-mom if that’s what you’re into. (curious about what exactly a canna-mom is? Visit Veriheal). 

4. Work-Life Balance

If you’re a working mother, the process can be even more difficult to overcome. Oftentimes, easing back into work comes with a host of guilty feelings, such as missing out on important milestones or feeling as though you have chosen your work over your family.

The reality is that you can have both. Though it’s a seemingly new concept, it is, in fact, possible to have both children and a career. Though it may require a bit more effort to work out the details and ensure everyone is safe and happy, it is possible to get back to work.

To help combat the problem, take your time easing back in. Interview for a suitable babysitter or negotiate a hybrid work schedule to help ensure you’re comfortable and won’t need to over-worry.

5. Sleep

One of the greatest complaints for all parents is their quality of sleep. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about your child’s sleeping schedule except guide them to the right routine over time.

This alone can take months and months of trial and error, resulting in low-quality sleep until then. While it often can’t be prevented, there are ways to cope.

Taking shifts with a partner or sleeping when your child does can help you to ensure that you’re well-rested enough to safely care for your child. Powering through can be dangerous, so finding effective coping mechanisms is crucial.


Mothers face a lot as they step into motherhood. It’s important to tackle every concern in a manner that works for you rather than anyone else. What works for your mommy-and-me friend or someone on the internet will not have as profound of an effect as finding what works exactly with your needs.

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