Promotional Gifts, some of the most popular choices


What are Promotional Gifts ?

Promotional Gifts are items gifted to customers or long serving patrons of a company with the sole purpose of the promotion of a company entirely or the extension of the business of a company. These types of gifts usually contain the company logo or some sort of messages which serve as a promotion and inform the receiver about the products and services of the company. Most of the time these gift items would be products which would have the company’s branding to serve as promotional items.

Why are they Important ?

It is mainly considered as a marketing strategy which is currently used by popular business organisations. Promotional Gifts are mostly cost effective and they are planned to expand or popularise a certain extension of the business of a company since promotional products can be really vital to draw a mass attention. Startups use promotional gifts as a method to catch the public eye despite maintaining a low budget. 

Some popular choices of Promotional Gifts

  •  Face Masks with company branding or Logo

Face masks have become an indispensable part of our lives after this COVID Pandemic outbreak. Another factor making these one of the most popular promotional gifts is that these come at a very low cost, which is definitely favourable for the company. Masks can be purchased in bulks, at really low prices. Getting the company logo engraved in a mask also isn’t a pretty costly affair. But, when these so-called cheap masks are presented as promotional gifts, they can turn out to be hugely effective since masks are an item of regular use. They can facilitate the promotion of the company since the user will notice the brand logo each time he uses the mask.

  • Environment Friendly Products 

With Global Pollution on the rise, paying attention towards our environment is the crying need of the hour. In such situations, products prepared about or with environmental consciousness are an increasing trend. This trend has seen a rapid increase in the last few years, studies say that an environmentally friendly Promotional Gift is pretty much likely to garner better reviews and leave a better lasting effect of the company on the mind of the receiver. Some environmentally friendly promotional gifts which have often been selected by companies are Notebooks/Diaries made of recycled paper, Ceramic Momentos etc.

  • Clothing Items with company signatures    

Items of clothing, especially outerwear can be a good choice as promotional gifts. Everyone likes having multiple outfits and it is also expected to catch the public eye. Outerwear can be effective promotional gifts since it would serve great to promote the company to a larger group of people. Also, a person is expected to retain his item of clothing upto a certain period of time, hence it will be promoting the company every time it is put on. Some clothing items to be used as promotional gifts may be Jackets, T-shirts, pullovers and many more.

  • Custom Drinkware with company branding

Using fashionable drinkware is an increasing trend in the masses. We all like to have sippers, coffee mugs and other fashionable drinking items within our collections. Drinkware containing promotional logos are expected to hold onto them for a really long time. Also, the average retaining period of a drinking item used as a promotional gift is quite long, i.e. it is expected to promote the company to people for a long time which is obviously beneficial towards the marketing of a company.

  • Materials used in Work from Home

After this COVID Pandemic outbreak, the work from home culture has started to play an important part in our lives. It has changed our lives in some desirable and a lot of undesirable ways. With this culture on the rise, a wide variety of promotional gifts are now being chosen from the range of Work From Home items. Items like headphones and usb drives generally have a long retention period as well and are also expected to promote the company for a long period of time.

  • Wooden Utensils

They can definitely serve as good promotional gifts. Utensils are a thing of daily use since man cannot go without food. A promotional item which helps you in cooking your food is definitely expected to leave a really positive and long lasting image of the company in your mind. Another factor which contributes to the popularity of wooden utensils being used as promotional gifts is that they don’t possess any real threat to the environment since they are completely eco friendly. 

  • Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers

With wireless being the new cool, everyone is now being seen shifting to wireless accessories for their electronic devices. Bluetooth headphones and speakers have hence become an item of regular use to most of us. These items are also retained by the user over a good period of time, which definitely facilitates the promotional capacity of these types of items. These items are used multiple times in a day by the user, hence it is more likely for the user to have a long lasting and good impression of the company if bluetooth speakers or headphones are presented as Promotional Gifts.

  • Customised Hats and Headwear

It has always been a tradition to wear logos on headwear and it mainly comes from the field of Sports. But hats and caps etc. can also be used as effective promotional gifts since the company logo would never look out of place on such items due to the tradition. Also, they are able to catch the public eye easily making it a good promotional material. Hats and caps are also items of regular usage which enable them to promote the company to a larger number of people which would definitely be favourable for the company.

  • Watches, Fitness Bands and other accessories

Accessories have always been known to make the job of human beings easier, starting from old analogue watches to modern fitness bands, accessories have found their place as some of the most popular gifting items throughout history. This trend hasn’t changed in these modern times as well, accessories as promotional gifts would garner really good impressions. Accessories are things to be retained and in some cases these types of items are preserved for really long periods of time, which enables it to promote the company over possibly generations of people and nothing can be better in terms of promoting the company than such gifts.


Although here we have tried to provide you with a list of some of the most popular Promotional Gifts, it is never necessary to choose one of them. You can definitely be innovative in your approach to choose promotional gifts, however a sense of calculation and understanding needs to be applied before choosing your gifting items. So choose your gifts wisely for better promotions of your company. 

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